Playing Online Craps

How To Get Started Playing Online Craps

You have heard all about playing online craps and you are ready to get started. What do you do? Look for an online casino that will allow you to play craps, of course! To make it easier, look forĀ Microgaming casino list Many of these casinos offer numerous types of craps games to play, so there's always a variety of versions of the game to select from. Choose the one you are most interested in, or even try out something new if you feel up to it.

Some of the casinos do require you to download software to your computer to start playing craps. That's okay, as long as you stick to the reputable casinos and ensure that you have a good anti-virus system just in case. Though, having to download the software is rare unless you are playing for free, which unfortunately means that you will not be competing for any cash prizes. Once done, you simply need to create an account, deposit your betting funds, using a variety of methods, and then start playing.

It's important to choose a secure online casino as you will be trusting them with your money. They will have an official certification that states their games are fair and secure. One certification authority is eCogra, and as it is well trusted, you can trust that any casino with its certification is safe.

Are Online Craps Worth Playing?

Most online casinos offer online craps as a game option, so it's easy to find one that has a variety of games. It's popular as it's easy to get the hang of and the odds are good, though there is a house edge. You can play it in classic style, so there aren't any new rules to consider and it's most similar to how it's played in online casinos. There are many other versions of craps, such as money craps, bank craps, private craps or even New York craps, all with varying levels of popularity.

Offers Worth Considering

Online casinos are a very competitive industry - as a consequence, individual casinos will do just about anything to entice you to sign up, including lucrative sign-up bonuses. There are two very common types of bonuses: match bonuses and freeplay bonuses. Match bonuses expand your available pool of money, and require an initial deposit upon signing up. The casino will match your deposit up to a certain amount. Or, for new players, there is the freeplay bonus, where you can sign up and start playing immediately, no deposit required. It's a great way to learn how to play online craps, as you're using the casino's money. However, to keep the winnings, you usually need to make a deposit after the freeplay period.

Plus, there are many fun features that keep you coming back for more, such as forums and in-game chatting systems where you can talk to other real life players and it helps recreate the atmosphere of a land-based casino. It's worth doing the research first.